Tension and violence throughout the world are creating new security challenges
for business executives, travelers and people trying to get on with their
everyday lives whether it is at home or abroad.

Our extensive security experience enable us to offer you the highest standards of protective service. We address our offer to those persons and organisations that require a highly personalised yet discreet service. Our employees are high caliber Close Protection Operatives selected from foremost Military and Police special units.

We guarantee
- Discretion
- Close Protection whether in country or abroad
- Counter-surviellance
- IED recognation
- Protection conduct by our Close Protection Operatives sourced from Elite-military
and Police units
, who were given specialised training so that they are always aware of the security problems that can arise.They proved their professionalism cooperating with US Secret Service, Israeli Dignitary Protection and Saud Arabia Secret Service to name but a few.